Sun Protection Skin Care and Massage Oils/Gels/Creams
for Sport and Leisure Activities.

Since 1995, GALIUS has been very closely linked to professional athletes involved in all outdoor sport.

Based on the needs described by customers to the technical department, GALIUS developed a range of sun protectors especially designed for people working, training or competing in the sun for a long periods and/or during the middle part of the day.

After a several years of trials and tests, the company brought out GALIUS SUN and GALIUS SPORT Massage Oils/Gels which represents one of the best skin care range of products on the market today, designed for sports and leisure people.

With the company’s focus on sports and exercise, GALIUS products are now used by many top athletes, teams and professionals, including the number one UCI  World Cycle Team: MOVISTAR TEAM.

 GALIUS SUN high quality skin care products include, Facial Creams SPF30/50, Sunscreens SPF30/50, After Sun Moisturising Spray, Pre-competition muscle warm-up cream with added sun protector SPF30 and After Sun Cooling Effect, an after exercise massage cream which moisturises and hydrates the skin for 24 hours.

GALIUS Sunscreens have High SPF, UVA/UVB Filters, are Non-Greasy, Sweat Resistant and Long Lasting

The Sun's Rays 

  Although the colour of tanned skin is associated with good health, the sun can cause skin disorders. The sun's rays that a body receives are made up of different types of rays that have different influences on our skin:

INFRARED RAYS. These rays give a sensation of heat, but they don't burn and create a reddening of the skin caused by the blood vessels dilating. This reddening disappears after a few hours.

 UVB RAYS. These rays penetrate the epidermis, where they stimulate the melanocytes, which causes tanning, which is nothing more than the skin's natural way of protecting itself. Overexposure to UVB rays causes burns, which appear as reddening of the skin for a few days. Overexposure to these rays is a risk factor in the development of skin cancer.

 UVA RAYS. UVA rays cause immediate tanning, leading to weak pigmentation after a few hours. Overexposure to these rays leads to premature ageing of the skin and an increased risk of contracting skin cancer.



in ergonomic, handy sized 45ml tube

NEW handy and ergonomic 45ML bottle size is ideal for those on the move where weight and size are important. Ideal to tuck in your cycle jersey back pocket or runners hip belt and smaller than your iphone. Galius Sun Facial creams have high UVA and UVB filters, will not run into your eyes when sweating, long lasting and ideal for those with delicate skin. RRP: £15.49.



GALIUS SPORT Massage Creams, Oils and Gels are used by many professional teams, athletes and physiotherapists.

From Basic and Natural Oils, Muscle Warm Up and Cooling Gels, Oils to Muscle Relaxing Oils, Gels and Balsams.


Chamois Cream

GALIUS SPORT Chamois Cream will keep you comfortable, cool, helps reduce friction and prolongs chamois life.

GALIUS SPORT Chamois Cream is non-greasy, sweat resistant, easy to apply to short inserts or to your skin, and is not strong smelling like some other chamois creams. Click here for more information.

 If you are interested in seeing where and how Galius sun creams and massage products are manufactured we have produced a video of the company, Nahore who manufacture these two successful brands below.

GALIUS Products do not contain Parabens and are not tested on animals.