Interesting read ---- Three leading sun cream brands have failed protection tests conducted by the consumer watchdog, Which?

Products manufactured by Piz Buin, Malibu and Hawaiian Tropic, which claimed a sun projection factor of 30, were all found to have an SPF of just 25.

Which? has now branded the creams "Don't buys".

Which? said the results were identified in two separate British Standards tests looking into 15 products with SPF 30 -  a bestseller in the UK.

Piz Buin Ultra Light Dry Touch Sun Fluid SPF30, which costs £11.30 per 100ml, was among those which failed.

Malibu Protective Lotion SPF30 200ml also failed tests looking into products' ability to protect consumers from a form of ultraviolet radiation called UVA, which has been liked to skin cancer and premature ageing of the skin.

The Malibu cream was found to have a UVA protection factor below 10.

The article was taken from Sky News with full report here.