Today, it is becoming a trend where casinos sponsor sporting events in order to promote a healthier lifestyle and help raise funds for charity as well. Since casinos are one of the world’s most profitable businesses, it’s quite refreshing to see some gaming establishments becoming involved in their social responsibilities.
One such establishment is the Parx Casino that sponsors an annual cycling event for professional cyclists.

The Parx Casino Philly Cycling Classic is an exciting, one-day cycling competition in Philadelphia. The annual race is held at the iconic Manayunk Wall in Roxborough, where cyclists need to start at the top and work all the way down to an end point. The event features a separate match for both the men and women.

Earlier this year, Parx Casino has contributed $250,000 to sponsor the annual race. Seeing the success of the event, Parx Casino was joined by New Penn Financial, Philadelphia Federal Credit Union, and Sunoco in sponsoring the event wherein the three latter sponsors contributed $100,000, $50,000, and $25,000 respectively.

This October, the Parx Casino Philly Cyclic Classic event has secured a UCI upgrade. In a way, it’s like it has received a VIP status in the cycling competition scene. The UCI status mirrors casino gaming provider Betfair's VIP Club motto that states “all about exclusive rewards and benefits for your play.” Securing an upgrade from the UCI makes the event the most exclusive, highest-ranked, one-day race in the US.

"Philadelphia has embraced pro cycling with a passion for many long years, including the entire time that I was representing Manayunk and its iconic Wall as Councilman in that District," said the Mayor of the City of Philadelphia Michael Nutter. "It was with a strong purpose in early 2013 that I directed my leadership team to find a way to keep a pro race going here. We accomplished that with the help of the Philly Cycling Classic organizers. Now, with this elevated UCI classification, we look to restore Philadelphia's stature as the greatest one-day pro race in the United States, with even more teams and more professionals --both male and female, domestic and international-- next June."

In the future, it wouldn’t be that bad if a big-time casino sponsored a cycling event in the UK. After all, there are many huge gaming establishments in the state and being backed by them would definitely mean better racing conveniences and rewards to players. Pair that backing with the Galius Sport Massage Oils that are now used by many professional teams, UK sports athletes will be very much taken care of in terms of opportunities and fitness.