GALIUS SPORT Anti-chaffing Chamois Cream is non-greasy, sweat resistant, easy to apply to short inserts or to your skin, and is not strong smelling like some other chamois creams.

The Chamois Cream can also be applied to the skin to prevent chaffing when wearing a wet suit or whilst running.
Recommended retail price is £16.99 for large 200ML bottle and available from leading cycle shops.

Reasons to use Chamois Cream:
1. Saddle sore prevention. If you haven’t had a saddle sore yet, you are fortunate. The more you ride, the more likely you become to develop the dreaded saddle sore. Using the proper cream for your body will help prevent saddle sores.
2. No more chaffing. You may not realize that much of the discomfort from sitting on a bike saddle develops as a result of chaffing. Dry skin rubbing on dry materials or materials that are not slippery to the skin cause rough spots. Creams can reduce and eliminate chaffing.
3. Smoother pedal stroke. I know this seems a stretch, however, think about your chain. Lube allows the chain to move freely and with less friction. Friction makes us slow. Friction in your shorts not only hurts, it slows you down.

The ''reasons to use chamois Cream'' has kindly been supplied by: MTBCHICK’s Chamois Cream Article.

GALIUS SPORT Chamois Cream is available from your cycle shop or on-line at Raleigh Bicycles