Women's team

The biggest news from the day was the confirmation of a new women's Movistar Team being established in 2018. The birth of this squad is a boost from Telefónica and Abarca Sports to the strength of women's cycling in Spain, committed to offer Spanish riders the best conditions possible to compete in the international peloton, with the same equipment the men's team uses.

Movistar will also collaborate with the Spanish Cycling Federation into several proyects to foster grassroots cycling in the country, aiming to reach 1.9 million women on bikes in the future. An official statement from the Federation considers “this project will revitalise women's cycling as a whole in Spain, offering more visibility to both races and sportswomen and attracting new sponsors.”

New 2018 Endura kit

One of the fundamental parts of the event was the unveiling of the new Movistar Team kit for 2018, designed and hand-made by Endura in Escocia. The shorts remain in the same dark blue chosen for previous seasons, standing out from a resplendent, new light blue used for the jersey, in compliance with the new image of the Movistar brand.

Another reason why the Movistar Team is changing colours in 2018 is to favour visibility of the riders on the road (both team pros and recreational cyclists), another principle behind the Rodamos Juntos campaign which Movistar activated during the Vuelta a España.

The initiative, supported by the Spanish High Sports Council, the Directorate General of Traffic, La Vuelta, RTVE and the Spanish Cycling Federation, has drew audiences over 20 million people during the three weeks of racing, and will continue during the