Movistar's Alex Dowsett -Commonwealth Games winner, 3-time National Champion- to take on current 51.852km mark at London's Lee Valley VeloPark velodrome on Friday, February 27th, 2015.

Alex Dowsett and the Movistar Team confirmed today their intention to break the UCI Hour Record. During a press conference held at the Rileys Sports Bar in Central London, the Essex rider, accompanied by the Blues' general manager Eusebio Unzu√© and marketing and communications officer Juan Pablo Molinero, expressed his excitement towards a challenge that crowns the international gamble by the squad sponsored by Telef√≥nica, under their brands Movistar and O2, and their main partners Canyon and Endura, also sending a message towards every person like Dowsett who suffers from a rare disease like haemophilia.

The place chosen for this attempt to overcome the current 51.852km mark will be London's Lee Valley VeloPark velodrome, venue of the 2012 Olympic Games and one of the fastest at sea level, with three world records having been beaten on its 250-metre, Siberian pine track. The event will be the biggest attraction of Revolution Series' Round 5; Dowsett has often taken part in this series of track competitions across the best facilities in Great Britain, where he has kept his ability fresh on the banking after big achievements during his youth stage.

"Things like the Commonwealth Games, the Olympics, the Tour de France and world championships hit home with the general public, but I truly had my eyes opened during my offseason this year when I travelled around Europe with the Miles for Haemophilia campaign," explains Dowsett about his driving force towards the record attempt, the Movistar Team's biggest goal during the beginning of the imminent 2015 season. "The campaign was simple: just to raise awareness and promote a healthy and active lifestyle within the Haemophilia community. What I realised quite quickly tough was the impact my story was having. As a young haemophiliac things were tough, even more so for my family than I. There was only a predicted gloomy outcome, talk of wheelchairs, crutches, joints fused in place or replaced, a far cry from the Alex you see before now.

"On these trips I saw my story was spreading hope: their boy or girl could in fact lead an ordinary life. So I thought: what more can I do to bring a positive outlook on the future to them, alongside my own personal career ambitions? Everyone understands a world record, so I wanted my next target to be the hour record. The Hour is something I've always been interested in; the simplicity of it, mostly: no tactics, no hiding, just you and the bike. Now I've got a new sense of drive as I know that the more success I can achieve, the more hope it will give everyone in the whole rare disease community. We spend our childhoods being told what we can't do, so I'm going for the record for anyone that gets told what they can't do something and goes out to prove themselves otherwise. I'm training a hell of a lot harder because of it."

Article taken from Movistar Team News Blog