For the past 8 years I had been working at BlueCrest, a Hedge Fund in London. At the interview, they asked me the usual question of “where do you see yourself in 3 years” my reply was winning a medal for Wales in lightweight rowing at the Commonwealth Games in 2006….

 Well the good news, I went on to achieve a bronze medal, and 8 years on, I decided to re-address the same question of “where do I see myself in 3 years time”…..

I retired from rowing in 2008 and began riding for London Dynamo, London’s most successful racing club, who in turn taught me all the riding skills needed for racing.  I was then really pleased to be selected for the women’s Rapha Condor Women’s road racing team back in 2009/10, and haven’t looked back since!

 From gaining the experience of riding on a team, I wanted put the experience gained back into the club, so last October London Dynamo 2014 women’s team was formed, ready to hit the National Team Series road races. Out of 35 teams we are currently sitting 3rd with only 1 more Team Series race left in the calendar!

So back to following my passion, well….it was February 2014 and we, the team had just got back from a hard weeks training camp in Majorca. It was a Monday morning, and I was sitting at the desk with the Monday morning blues feeling pretty exhausted.

I guess it really dawned on me then just how much I love surrounding myself around passionate people, who love the outdoors and who are willing to push themselves to their absolute limits, so not to let their team mates down when it comes to racing...I walked into the HR office that morning and resigned from my City job.  For the next 6 months I went to college and trained for a level 3 REPS Personal Trainer course, followed by a Sport Massage Level 4 ITEC diploma.

If that wasn’t exciting enough, I was then so lucky to be offered a position at Summit Wellbeing, which is a peak performance cycling clinic based above Pearsons bike shop near the beautiful Richmond Park in London as their Sports Massage Therapist.

It is such a vibrant place to work and last month the amazing Paris-Roubaix winner Shaun Kelly came in to visit us for his first ever bike-fitting session! As you can imagine, it was fascinating to watch, and more importantly, made me think of the kind of products the clinic needs to be using in order to stay ahead of the game, and to ensure the athletes get the best sports massage with the top of a range products.

After researching and trying out different massage products, I came across GALIUS SPORT products which are by far the best product I have tried.  Not only do they not test on animals, the lotions absorbs really well in to the skin, without leaving the skin greasy or oily after the treatment. The aroma is really soothing too!

I now have been using GALIUS SPORT massage products on all of my clients for pre and post event sport massages. The good news is, they have all said how amazing their legs feel after the treatment, and really looking forward to their next massage. (Of course, I would love to think it is down to my magic hands, but I have a feeling GALIUS SPORT can take the credit here)

So, you may ask what are my plans for next season…. Well, I have just accepted a place on the Les Filles women’s race team for 2015  who are a London based team, and just love having fun and racing their bikes! I think I will fit in just nicely…

Tracy Corbett
If you are in London and need a professional sports massage contact Tracy at
Summit Wellbeing
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