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How Surviving Skin Cancer Changed My Life

Posted by Galius Sun on Friday, January 23, 2015, In : General News 
We received the following story from Matt Saunders who survived skin cancer back in 2011 and took up cycling in late summer 2012. Well worth reading for all athletes about the dangers of skin cancer.
How Surviving Skin Cancer Changed My Life!
I was just a normal twenty something guy, loving my summer holidays and like most youngsters today wanting to get a tan and have that all over brown look!
Holidays were a must ...
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Skin cancer rates surge and now 5 times higher than in the 1970s

Posted by Galius Sun on Tuesday, April 22, 2014, In : Sun Creams 

The incidence of the most serious skin cancer in Great Britain is now five times higher than it was in the 1970s, figures show.

Cancer Research UK statistics show more than 13,000 people develop malignant melanoma each year, compared with around 1,800 in the mid-1970s.

It says the rise is partly due to rising popularity of package holidays to Europe from the late 1960s.

Sunbed use has also fuelled the increase, the charity has said.

Malignant melanoma is now the fifth most common cancer, with mor...

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HOT NEWS - Men are more vulnerable to skin cancer.

Posted by Galius Sun on Wednesday, August 21, 2013, In : General News 

BBC Health News reported today that men were more vulnerable to skin cancer then women. Thought might be worth you guys taking time to read part of the report here:

Far more men than women are dying from skin cancer, despite similar numbers being diagnosed with the disease, a report suggests.

Cancer Research UK said each year, the most serious type of skin cancer, malignant melanoma, kills 1,300 men and 900 women, a gap expected to widen.

A reason could be men delaying seeking help, but biology ...

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Skin cancer twice as bad as previous UK estimates

Posted by Galius Sun on Wednesday, June 26, 2013, In : General News 
Research shows one type accounts for 200,000 operations a year with cases rising 80 per cent in a decade.

Skin cancer is now nearly as prevalent as all other cancers put together, with more than 200,000 basal cell skin cancers treated with surgery a year. New research has found that, over the past decade, there has been an 80 per cent rise in cases of the skin cancer which are treated with surgery alone. But doctors who carried out the study warn that official government skin cancer figures se...

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