Team Raleigh’s 14-man professional racing squad was officially launched at Raleigh’s Heron Show on Monday 21st January.

Following its hugely successful period in the 1970s and 80s, which culminated in a Tour De France win in 1980, the new Team Raleigh has been in existence since 2010 and has been steadily progressing through the ranks of professional cycling.

Team Raleigh begin their 2013 season as a Continental level team, competing in domestic, European and International races but, according to team manager Cherie Pridham, “will be looking to build on last year’s domestic successes and raise the bar in Europe.”

This year’s squad includes four riders from the 2012 team – Graham Briggs, Russell Hampton, Evan Oliphant and Matthew Holmes – and eight new riders; Alexandre Blain, Richard Lang, Lachlan Norris, Sam Witmiz, Mark O’Brien, Rob Britton, Tom Scully, Tom Moses, Mark Christian and Eric Berthou. Full report can be found here.

Team Raleigh are sponsored by GALIUS, supplying team members and masseurs with GALIUS SUN creams and GALIUS SPORT range of massage oils, gels and creams. We wish the team every success for 2013.