After supplying Team Raleigh at the beginning of this year with Galius massage and sun protection creams, the riders have had ample opportunity to use the products in some of the most extreme weather conditions. We thank Sam Witmitz, Matt Holmes and Mark O'Brien for sending us their initial opinions and wish them a successful race season.

Sam Witmitz:

My favourite Galius product would have to be the race warm up rub ointment. Battling the elements in early season racing has been a real challenge. Most people opt for thermal leg warmer but I've found with the Galius warm up rub I've been able to race bare legs.

The massage oil has also been excellent. With the amount of rubs and treatments we receive as cyclists it is quite common for rashes and skin irritation to occur. But with the Galius massage oil I have had no issues.

Matt Holmes
I used Galius warm up/warming rub for the Tour de Haut Var in cold weather in mid February and I was happy with the warming effect. Plus I didn't finish the race with black legs from dirt off the road because it wasn't sticky like some other brands.

I've also had massages using the massage products and again was happy. I didn't get any skin irritation and again it wasn't sticky/slimy.

Mark O'Brien
Just reporting back on Galius products. I found the heat rub really beneficial in Sud Ardeche when it was zero degrees underneath my leg warmers and on my chest for an extra layer of warmth. I would perhaps like an even warmer one for those ridiculously cold days though.

For the Galius massage oil it is one of the only products where I don't get a rash if I leave it on overnight after a massage. Low irritability, and smooth on the legs, so a win win whichever way you look at it.