Team Raleigh has scooped up one of the hottest prospects in British domestic cycling, Sheffield-based rider Tom Stewart.

The 23-year-old, who joins from Team Sportscover/Bioracer, is focussing his attention on racing for the first time  having recently completed his master degree.
Having made his Team Raleigh debut at the Hillingdon GP on Sunday, where he finished 9th, Tom told Cycling Weekly this week:
“I enjoyed the novelty of having a mechanic there for me at Hillingdon, that was fun.
“I’m happy everything went smoothly, and I know I’ve got to focus hard on the rest of the season now.”

Team Raleigh are in action tonight (Thursday 13th June) in the penultimate race of the Tour Series at Aylsham.
Article taken from Team Raleigh News Blog