GALIUS SUN creams are designed with a high SPF to protect skin exposed to the sun over many hours or in the middle part of the day.

Outdoor sports call for a great deal of effort, which generates a lot of internal heat, and lead to heavy sweating. The Galius technical department has analysed this situation in detail and we have created a range of sun protection products with the following competitive advantages:

 1)    Sweat resistant.

2)    Non-greasy.

3)    Easy to absorb to prevent sweat from creating a barrier to the sun's rays which subsequently burns and marks the skin.

The GALIUS comprehensive sun protection range is also complemented by two unique products: Pre-Competition Spray and Aftersun Cooling Effect Spray.


It is widely known that too much sun can be harmful. The sun's action causes burns, ageing and skin disorders. Some of these harmful effects can be seen in people who practice long-lasting outdoor sports or activities, such as athletes, cyclists, golfers, etc.

Nowadays it's possible to enjoy all the sun's goodness with peace of mind through the consistent use of quality sun protection designed for these sportspeople.

GALIUS SUN protection offers a great many benefits:

 • It provides a broad spectrum of skin protection against the sun's rays.

• It prevents skin disorders caused by overexposure to UVA and UVB rays.

• It prevents the appearance of sun spots.

• It prevents premature ageing of the skin.

• It prevents the consequences of the cumulative effect of the sun's rays on the skin.

The SPF50 and SPF30 sun creams are especially sweat-resistant, with a UVA/UVB sun filter, high sun protection, non-greasy and undetectable during exercise.

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AFTERSUN SPRAY: Both the Cooling Effect Aftersun and the normal Aftersun provide the skin with after sun protection based on vegetable extracts.

After great physical effort, the muscles need to relax in a short time period. At Galius, we have developed a cooling effect after sun to cool muscles down while refreshing, soothing and nourishing skin that has been exposed to the sun.

In short, Galius Sun offers a complete range for times of physical activity, whether it's to warm up, protect yourself from UVA/UVB rays during exercise or refresh yourself after an intense day of physical exercise.

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The face and body have different skin types and colours. Face products have the necessary components for more sensitive and delicate care.

The skin on the body is thicker and more resistant to the environment, so it should be protected using different products.

Due to this, the GALIUS R+D department has designed a range of sun protection for the different parts of the body.

Snow and sweat enhance the action of the sun on the face. As a result, we have developed this sun protection, whose formulation means that it doesn't run on the face, so preventing it from getting into the eyes.

A light, long lasting non-greasy facial sun protection cream.

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GALIUS SUN Pre-Competition cream with SPF30 is recommended when you need a warm-up in a short space of time for outdoor activities.

With warming effect and created especially for sports people, it is highly sweat-resistant.

Thanks to its composition, the areas treated warm up shortly after application, so increasing work capacity. It is the ideal product for warming up on days with a good temperature and, due to the SPF 30 protection. it protects the skin from the harmful effects of the sun's rays. The skin may occasionally redden due to the warming effect, but this will subsequently go.

It is a NON-GREASY product. Due to its composition, it offers greater resistance to sweat as it has been designed for sportspeople. Easily absorbed.

METHYL NICOTINATE. This is the base component in this product. Due to its properties as a blood vessel dilator and rubefacient, it increases blood circulation in the area of application.

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Refreshes and moisturises after exposure to the sun.

After sun protection, specially formulated to minimise skin damage caused by the sun. Specially conceived and designed for sportspeople carrying out outdoor activities.

Its formula contains an active ingredient which softens the skin immediately, refreshing and soothing the itchiness, burning and tightness of the skin caused by prolonged exposure to the sun.

The skin is left feeling soft, nourished and moisturised for 24 hours. This product is neither greasy nor sticky and is quickly absorbed by the skin.


SHEA BUTTER, an emollient that protects, softens and regenerates even the most sensitive skin. It helps protect the skin from the cold and the sun's rays and it soothes irritated skin.

JOJOBA OIL is a liquid wax that is very similar to the skin which is easily and deeply absorbed, protecting it and regulating its moistness. It makes the skin soft and smooth, preventing irritation.

CONCENTRATED ALOE VERA: It possesses excellent moisturising and toning properties for skin cleanliness and care as well as soothing irritated skin. It stimulates cell growth and is an excellent antioxidant.

It contains B, C and E group vitamins, essential minerals, amino acids, polysaccharides and enzymes.

WITCH HAZEL EXTRACT: It has astringent, decongestive, healing and vasoconstrictive qualities that regulate circulation. It is also calming and refreshing.

MENTHOL. Astringent, antiseptic and refreshing. Used in a small proportion to give a fresh feeling.

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Refreshes, moisturises and relaxes muscles after outdoor sport. Cooling effect body after sun product, with vegetable extracts.

Specially formulated to minimise skin damage caused by the sun. Highly recommended for sports people carrying out outdoor activities. It contains active ingredients that soften the skin immediately, refreshing and soothing the itchiness and tightness of the skin caused by prolonged exposure to the sun. Thanks to its composition, it has a recovery and revitalising effect after exercise.

When combined with an ascending massage, it becomes highly effective for recovery and is revitalising, giving your legs a feeling of relaxation, relief and wellbeing. The skin is left feeling soft, nourished and moisturised for 24 hours.

This product is neither greasy nor sticky and is quickly absorbed by the skin.

This product is for use after exercise as a muscle relaxant. Fast acting. It has a pleasant sensation of relaxation on limbs used in physical activity. Specially created for sportspeople after exercise and any time circulation needs to be activated.


GINGKO EXTRACT: acts on the circulation, increasing blood flow, activating cell metabolism and stimulating cell regeneration. It catches free radicals and is antioxidant, with a decongestive effect.

BROOM EXTRACT: Anti-inflammatory, calming and astringent effects.

HORSE CHESTNUT EXTRACT: possesses anti-inflammatory properties. This property is characterised by being highly useful in treating general swelling of blood vessels.

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GALIUS SUN Creams are not tested on animals or contain Parabens.


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