Exercise generates a lot of internal heat leading to heavy sweating requiring very special sun creams. This is why GALIUS SUN have developed a range of sun protection creams specifically designed for sports people with a higher sun protection factor than normal sun creams.



SPF50 (100ml, 50ml & 45ML)

Specially designed for delicate face skin.

1.     Easy to apply

2.     Light and non-greasy

3.     Sweat and salt resistant

4.     Specially formulated not to run into the eyes whether through sweat or snow when undertaking snow sports.

5.   High UVA & UVB filters

6.   Long lasting protection

100ml: SPF30 £19.99, SPF50 £22.99

50ml: SPF30 £12.10, SPF50 £15.99

45ml (ergonomic tube) SPF50 £18.99



Advantages over normal sun creams.

1.     Sweat and salt resistant

2.     Non-greasy

3.     Undetectable during exercise.

4.     Easy to absorb whilst creating a barrier to the sun’s rays which can subsequently burn and damage the skin.

5. High UVA & UVB Filters

6. Long lasting protection.

RRP: SPF30 £19.99, SPF50 £21.99

Galius Sun Creams are
not tested on animals
or contain Parabens




SPF30 SPRAY (200ml)

Specially developed to have a double advantage and use.  

1.     Designed to warm up the muscles in a short space of time and reduces the risk of injury.

2.     Includes sun protection SPF30.

3.   Sweat and salt resistant.

4.   High UVA & UVB filters

5.   Long lasting protection

RRP: £21.99



Refreshes and moisturises the skin after being in the sun.

1.  Formulated with an active ingredient   which softens the skin immediately,         refreshes and soothes any itchiness,       burning and tightness of the skin caused by long exposure to the sun.

2. The skin is left feeling soft, nourished and moisturised for 24 hours.

3. Is non greasy or sticky and quickly absorbed by the skin.

RRP: £11.99



After physical exercise, the muscles need to relax in a short period of time.

The Aftersun Cooling Effect is designed to cool muscles down while refreshing, soothing and nourishing the skin that has been exposed to the sun.

1.     Cools the muscles

2.     Can be used for after exercise massage and muscle relaxation.

3.     Quickly absorbed by the skin, non greasy or sticky.

4.     Nourishes and moisturises the skin for 24 hours.

RRP: £21.99


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